Spring Commencement 2018

Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 3:30pm

Carmichael Arena

Event photography

About the event

The UNC School of Media and Journalism held its Spring Commencement ceremony in Carmichael Arena at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Susan Fowler Credle ’85, global chief creative officer of advertising giant FCB and a creative powerhouse in the field, delivered the commencement address.

2018 Spring Commencement keynote by alumna Susan Credle '85

2018 Spring Commencement ceremony



  • Susan King
  • Elizabeth Adkins '18
    Student Body President
  • Susan Credle ’85
    Global Chief Creative Officer
    Foote, Cone & Belding
  • Francesca Dillman Carpentier
    Academic Dean
  • Charlie Tuggle
    Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
  • Heidi Hennink-Kaminski
    Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Studies


Graduates recess out of Carmichael. Family, friends and guests, please exit promptly through the side doors in the front lobby to meet your graduates outside.


  • Lois Boynton, Tori Ekstrand, Livis Freeman and Adam Saffer


View the archived stream of the MJ-school's commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

Information for graduates

Graduates should arrive at WOOLLEN GYMNASIUM at 300 South Road (adjacent to Carmichael Arena) no later than 2:35 p.m. Enter Woollen from South Road and go downstairs from the lobby to the basketball courts to check in and line up alphabetically. MJ-school faculty and staff will be present to direct you accordingly.

You will fill out a slip with your name (spelled phonetically) that you will later hand to the faculty member reading names at the podium on stage when your name is called to walk across the stage.

We have about 400 graduates, so it is important that you arrive at WOOLLEN GYMNASIUM on time and move to your alphabetical spot as soon as possible after checking in.

At 3:30 p.m., the processional will begin. Graduates will walk indoors from Woollen into Carmichael and down through the seating area to the floor. Faculty marshals will guide the processional and direct you to your seats. They will also prompt you when to move toward the stage for your name to be called. You will walk to center stage where you will be greeted by Dean Susan King and pose for a photo. Then you’ll cross the stage and have another photo taken just off stage. The photographers will contact you at a later date offering those photos for sale.

You will return to your seat for the remainder of the ceremony after walking across stage. At the conclusion of the ceremony, graduates will process out of the arena under the direction of the faculty marshals.

Please instruct your guests to meet you outside of the Carmichael Arena — as the crowd for the ceremony immediately following our ceremony will be entering. Lingering in the lobby of Carmichael causes significant congestion and can be a hazard for guests with disabilities.


Information for family and friends attending

Disability Parking:
Guests or students with a disability permit or plate are welcome to park in the South Road metered parking spots. Additional disability spots will be made available in the School of Government Deck, off of South Road.


Wheelchair and Disability Entrance:
Guests in wheelchairs and those with limited mobility should arrive at Carmichael early and enter through the doors on the right side of the entrance in order to avoid the crowds of people leaving the earlier ceremony and entering for our ceremony. There will be signage marking the Wheelchair and Disability Entrance.  MJ-school staff will be present to direct you into the arena.


Disability Seating:
Carmichael Arena has accessible seating along the walkway between the lower and upper seating areas of the arena. MJ-school staff will be present to direct guests to disability seating. We ask that companions defer to guests in wheelchairs for space in the disability seating areas until the start of the ceremony. Space permitting, only one companion may join in that area. Seating for additional family members and friends will be reserved on the seating rows immediately below the accessible seating areas.


General Parking:
Cobb Deck will be available for general parking and is first-come, first-served. Cobb Deck is located off Raleigh Street. Many schools and departments are holding commencement ceremonies on May 12, so please plan to arrive early to allow for any difficulties or delays in finding parking. Other options include the Bell Tower Deck off South Road. Public parking decks are also located off campus on Rosemary Street. It is about a 15-minute walk to Carmichael from the Rosemary Street decks. 


Pre-Ceremony and Crowd Control:
There is another ceremony immediately before ours. Families and friends attending the MJ-school ceremony will wait outside of Carmichael Arena until the doors are opened prior to our ceremony. When the other ceremony is over, those attendees will be exiting Carmichael as our attendees are entering. This can cause traffic flow issues, so families and friends should be prepared to contend with large crowds converging. Please use the center doors of Carmichael to enter.


Duration of Ceremony:
The ceremony generally lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes, give or take 15 minutes.


Post-Ceremony and Exiting the Arena:
Graduates will process out of the arena at the conclusion of the ceremony. Please exit Carmichael promptly following our ceremony through the SIDE DOORS of the lobby to meet your graduate outside of the arena. Guests attending the ceremony following ours will be entering through the center doors at the same time.

About Susan Credle

Susan CredleSusan Fowler Credle ’85, global chief creative officer of advertising giant FCB and a creative powerhouse in the field, will deliver the 2018      Spring Commencement address to graduates of the UNC School of Media and Journalism on Saturday, May 12, at 3:30 p.m. in Carmichael    Arena.

Credle — a 1985 graduate of the MJ-school who grew up dividing her time between North and South Carolina — couldn’t swing a summer trip to Europe after graduation. Instead, she flew a discount airline one-way to New York City, landing a job as “bathroom-break girl” for the    receptionists at legendary advertising agency BBDO, with a side job checking coats at a restaurant nearby. Over the next 24 years at BBDO,    she navigated her way to executive vice president for creative, drawing comparisons to the fictionalized Peggy Olson character from AMC’s period drama Mad Men.

At BBDO, Credle created award-winning work, including the reinvented M&M “spokescandies” — Credle herself voiced the sexy green M&M character — and other clients like the fresh-to-market Cingular Wireless. Cingular was founded in 2000 and put on the map by BBDO during the 2001 Super Bowl, helping to build a brand valued at over $9 billion by the time Cingular was acquired by AT&T Wireless in 2007.

In 2009, global advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide convinced Credle to join them in Chicago. There, her efforts to grow a collaborative environment and nurture new and existing clients created unforgettable advertising efforts such as the Allstate Insurance “Mayhem” campaign and Secret’s anti-bullying “Mean Stinks” initiative.

Six years later, FCB CEO Carter Murray invited Credle back to New York as his creative partner, naming her global chief creative officer in January 2016. A coveted leadership position, the FCB post affords Credle a powerful global platform with more than 8,000 people across 120 offices in 80 countries.

For more information

For more information, please contact Communications Director Kyle York at (919) 966-3323 or sky@unc.edu.