Joe's creative work and research focuses on public relations data analytics and the value of modern PR efforts, particularly in the areas of entertainment, politics and investor relations. Within this realm, he often examines under explored types of publics, such as minority and niche communities. Though these industry sectors are topically diverse, the objectives of his work are the same: to create a better understanding of how to measure public relations activity, improve PR analytics, and further develop insights about niche and minority publics. To accomplish these goals, he often examines social media behavior, online opinion leaders, and predictive modeling. His work has also studied how strategic communication and public relations materials portray minority populations, such as LGBT individuals. 

As the public relations profession continues to change and adapt at rapid rates, Joe’s scholarship aims to assist in the reshaping of the field – both inside the classroom and within industry. While much public relations scholarship often focuses on areas such as news media relations, Joe’s work attempts to better value and appreciate other growing and changing facets of the profession.

Joe’s scholarly and teaching areas stem from his professional and research background. His entertainment interests developed at the start of his career when he worked in media development in Los Angeles. He has since done public relations, strategic communication and media work for corporate, nonprofit and political clients in a number of sectors and locations. During this time, he also obtained a Juris Doctorate. As a licensed attorney in North Carolina, his background has allowed him to examine topics that may blend strategic communication and law, such as investor relations. Finally, Joe’s application of analytics to politics started in the 2012 cycle when he launched Cabpolitical, a website that has been referenced by popular national outlets, such as the New Yorker. His scholarship has also been published in journals such as Public Relations InquiryJournalism History, and the Charlotte Law Review



  • Ph.D, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • J.D., Michigan State University College of Law
  • B.F.A., Chapman University