Cost & Funding

Tuition and Fees Academic Year 2017-18 (Estimated)
Doctorate in Mass Communication
In-state students: $7,257 per semester 
Out-of-state students: $15,283 per semester
Master of Arts in Mass Communication
In-state students:  $7,632 per semester
Out-of-state students:  $15,658 per semester
Master of Arts in Technology and Communication
In-state students:  $678 per credit hour
Out-of-state students:  $1,465 per credit hour
Certificate in Technology and Communication 
In-state students:  $678 per credit hour
Out-of-state students:  $1,465 per credit hour
Candidates for funding are interviewed in February in Chapel Hill or through video conferencing. Funding candidates will receive notification to inform them of interview dates. Decisions will be made shortly after the interviews, and candidates will be notified as quickly as possible. Students admitted to the MATC program and the Certificate in Technology and Communication program are not eligible for the fellowships listed below.
Fellowships offered by the school include:
Roy H. Park Fellowships
Funded by the Triad Foundation of Ithaca, N.Y., the school awards seven or eight new doctoral students and seven or eight incoming residential master’s students with Park Fellowships. 
Park Doctoral Fellowships 
  Health insurance
  $20,500 annual stipend (3 years – 2 for coursework, 1 for dissertation)
  Additional funding for research and travel to conferences 
Park Master’s Fellowship 
  Health insurance
  $14,000 annual stipend (2 years)
  May apply for additional travel/research funding 
All Park Fellows work as graduate assistants 15 hours per week. Assignments vary according to the needs of the school and faculty, and the interests and skill levels of the students. Due to the work requirement of the fellowships and the academic demands of the program, Park Fellows may not work outside the school during the academic year without approval from the associate dean for graduate studies prior to the employment.
Roy H. Park Fellowships are available only to U.S. citizens. There is no special application; all qualified applicants will be considered for Park Fellowships.
Richard Cole Eminent Professor Graduate Student Fellowship
This fellowship, which honors former dean Richard Cole, is offered once every three years to an enrolling doctoral student. The fellowship provides the same stipend, payment of tuition, health insurance and research funding as the Park doctoral fellowships (see above). The Cole Fellowship includes a 15-hour per week research assistantship with the Richard Cole Eminent Professor.
Peter DeWitt Pruden Jr. and Phyllis Harrill Stancill Pruden Fellowship
The first fully-endowed graduate fellowship in the school, the Pruden Fellowship for a residential master's student is awarded with a preference to students from North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Virginia with some evidence of financial need. The fellowship provides the same stipend, payment of tuition and health insurance as the Park master's fellowships (see above) and includes a 15-hour per week assistantship.
Graduate students are eligible for several other scholarships and awards offered annually by the school.
The UNC Graduate School also awards a few highly competitive named fellowships and merit assistantships that typically go to doctoral students with exceptional qualifications. The school nominates applicants for these awards.
Financial Aid
Students can apply for federal loans through the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid.